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    Here is the information from the Firewise Rep:

    My recommendation would be to work from fence lines bordering the greenbelt areas outward, for at least the first 50 feet. The simplest and most cost-effective strategy for the budget you have would be to create a shaded fuel break. Shaded fuel breaks are strategic blocks of land where the vegetation is modified in a way to diminish the rate of spread of a wildfire and prevent fire from rising into the crown of the tree through ladder fuels.
    By limbing up lower tree branches in the range of 4-6 ft off the ground (or 1/3 trees total height) you can reduce the risk of larger flame lengths and more embers coming toward houses, and create more defensible space. I’m attaching an example photo of native juniper, elm, and oak that have been limbed up (think of a forest that you can walk through easily). For disposal of cut branches the best method is chipping and broadcasting the mulch on the landscape, or piling the mulch in one spot where it can be picked up. When cutting oak branches, please immediately use an arborist wood seal paint to cover cuts.

    With prevailing south/sw winds in the summer, and the most continuous vegetation also being in those areas, your main area of concern for beginning treatment should be the western and southern most perimeters of West Cypress Hills, Properties on the west side of Rock Wren, the area to the west of the elementary school, and south of the new construction occurring now. There is also some risk on the east side as well, but looking at an aerial view it seems to be more sparsely populated with fuels due to the caliche soil.