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      Hi All!
      Fire Mitigation will begin July 11th by Charles and include the following:
      Limbing trees within 50′ of all sites and hauling away of brush at:
      1) Our top 5 functioning wells
      3)Water Treatment plant, which includes high producing well #1
      4) Coral Bean Lift Station
      5)Large back tank (almost completely enclosed in trees)
      6) Well #12 an important pump
      7) Some greenbelts as recommended by our Fire Wise Rep. If you would like details, please email me. I don’t have exact houses yet,only the street is known. These will be done as the budget allows.

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      Richard K

      Sounds like a good start

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      I agree nice start. Having lived in a high fire danger zone I would recommend that the grass/brush below a tree is cut very short and hauled away. Also, the area 12 feet surrounding the tree crown should be cut shortly.

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      We are following Fire Wise recommendations.

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