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Water Leak Detection – Results

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      Jonathan Cochran

        For the full water leak detection report, please refer to the August 2022 AWR report.
        AWR representatives will discuss in more detail at the August 2022 Board meeting.

        1. 5440 Diamante Drive/ 4.0 GPM leak/ Large leak on fire hydrant

        2. 5420 Wild Foxglove Road/ 1.0 GPM leak/ Large leak on fire hydrant

        3. 21616 Diamante Drive/ 21632 Diamante Drive/ 3.0 GPM leak/ Moderate leak on service line

        4. 22012 Verbena Parkway/ 3.0 GPM leak/ Moderate size leak on service line

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        Richard K

          That’s 500,000 gallons a month!

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